The Company:

Started in 2001, Palace-Designs offers creative information technology solutions to individuals and businesses looking to expand their presence on the internet.

Our wide array of services include:

  • Web hosting for individuals, small- and medium-sized companies
  • Secure corporate e-mail & collaboration services including mobile phone support
  • Website and Web-based application design and development
  • On-site technical support and network infrastructure design
  • Desktop application development

Our mission is to give you, our clients, reliable, business quality hosting and communications at an affordable price.

The Datacenter:

Our hardware is located at Pilosoft Inc and includes rack-mounted hardware and associated DDOS/IDS hardware firewalls. Pilosoft provides a secure, high-availability datacenter located in the heart of Wall St. NY.

The CEO:

Evan Heller is the owner and CEO of Palace-Designs, Inc. Over the past 10 years, he’s worked on projects for a number of clients including TIAA-CREF, TroyNet, Komikwerks, Concord Village and PCTV. His technical expertise includes software such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, Smartermail, Imail, Various (DNS, FTP/SFTP) and languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Perl and SQL.