Your contacts EVERYWHERE?

Did you know that you could syncronize your contacts, calendars and tasks using a variety of methods to your Palace-Designs e-mail account?

What does that mean for you? This means, if you use Thunderbird, Outlook, Ipods, Iphone, Droid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and a variety of other smartphones and desktop applications, you can now sync your calendars and contacts to your e-mail so you always have your information available. Never again have to add your contacts to your smartphone. Just sync them from your e-mail account.

Palace-Designs supports a variety of syncing methods such as: SyncML*, ActiveSync**, Outlook 2007 built-in sync*** and the Smartertools Sync.

All of these are available to view in your webmail account under Settings->Synchronization or Settings->Smartermail Client Utilities

* SyncML is an opensource standard for syncing. A variety of pay and free clients are available at:

** Microsoft ActiveSync is available on all accounts except there will an additional monthly charge per user.

*** Smartermail Supports “Add to outlook” functionality in the webmail which will allows for syncing with outlook 2007 natively without any plug-in like SyncML or ActiveSync

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