Migration to New IP Range

Please be aware we are migrating to a new ip range which may affect access to website and email. There is no expected downtime during this migration but please be aware that there could be minor outages during this migration period while nameservers across the internet are updating to the latest ip’s.

Additionally, please make sure when using webmail to use:  https://webmail.palace-designs.com  .  For email, please make sure you are using mail.palace-designs.com as the incoming or outgoing server names.

Android Funambol Version 9.0.3 download

Please be aware that if you are using an Android phone, the latest version of the Funambol Sync manager will NOT work. Please use version 9.0.3. A download has been provided as well.

Download funambol-android-sync-client-9.0.3

Your contacts EVERYWHERE?

Did you know that you could syncronize your contacts, calendars and tasks using a variety of methods to your Palace-Designs e-mail account?

What does that mean for you? This means, if you use Thunderbird, Outlook, Ipods, Iphone, Droid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and a variety of other smartphones and desktop applications, you can now sync your calendars and contacts to your e-mail so you always have your information available. Never again have to add your contacts to your smartphone. Just sync them from your e-mail account.

Palace-Designs supports a variety of syncing methods such as: SyncML*, ActiveSync**, Outlook 2007 built-in sync*** and the Smartertools Sync.

All of these are available to view in your webmail account under Settings->Synchronization or Settings->Smartermail Client Utilities

* SyncML is an opensource standard for syncing. A variety of pay and free clients are available at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyncML

** Microsoft ActiveSync is available on all accounts except there will an additional monthly charge per user.

*** Smartermail Supports “Add to outlook” functionality in the webmail which will allows for syncing with outlook 2007 natively without any plug-in like SyncML or ActiveSync

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Domain Registry of America Scam

I wanted to put a warning out to everyone that if you receive a notice or invoice via email or mail from the Domain Registry of Americam that you can safely ignore it.

The DROA is a scam which uses fear to make domain owners believe they must renew their domains immediately otherwise they will expire. What they don’t tell you is that for one thing, usually the owner didn’t register through DROA and secondly, you will be charged a ridiculous fee (like $50 or more) upon “renewing”. They will also send you this invoice/notice regardless if you have already renewed at your current registrar (like Go Daddy, Yahoo, Tucows etc.).

For more information please see:



So please, be aware and be safe.

Email Upgrade on Sat 10/30

There will be a full email server upgrade from Smartermail Enterprise 5.1 to 6.5. This will bring along new features as syncing contacts, calendars and email with both mobile and desktop email clients. The upgrade will take place at 11pm on 10/31 and should take 1 hour. During this time email will be unavailable however it will be queued up.

Welcome to the NEW Palace-Designs

The new Palace-Designs.com is here!