Palace-Designs has been hired on numerous occasions to either enhance or create new websites and web-based applications. Below are some of the projects that have been built in the past.

Company: Pleasantville Community TV

Website: www.pctv76.org

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Description: Pleasantville Community Television provides public access TV for Pleasantville schools, government and local businesses. PCTV needed a new website to provide the local community with live streaming video as well as access to their large archive of recorded video.

Palace-Designs built a content management system and desktop applications to easily transfer video from the PCTV facilities to their website and post the content in real-time.


Company: Komikwerks

Website: www.komikwerks.com

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Description: Komikwerks is a comic publisher dedicated to publishing professional, high-quality, creator-owned comics, distributed through traditional print means as well as more modern means like the web. Komikwerks tapped Palace-Designs to completely overhaul their flat-file based site of more than 200+ pages into a streamlined templated content management system, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and scalability.

Palace-Designs developed both front and back-end processes that allowed Komikwerks to quickly and easily add new titles, episodes and articles allowing them to expand their business quickly.


Company: Concord Village Owners Inc

Website: www.concordvillageny.com

Description: Concord Village Owners Inc is a large co-op community of over 1,000 apartments in Brooklyn Heights, NY.  Palace-Designs built and helped maintain a Joomla based community portal for the over 2,000 member co-op. The community site allows for member discussion, community updates, online  maintenance payment and maintenance ticket resolution.


Company: Bio-Write

Website: www.bio-write.info

Description: Bio-Write specializes in writing bios for people in the fine and performing arts. Bio-Write hired Palace-Designs to develop their website and integrate an e-commerce solution.