Part of being a good developer involves being a resource to the community at large. That’s why Palace-Designs releases code and projects to the public from time-to-time.  Below are a couple of projects for you to access.

Smartermail Spam Quarantine Report

Not all e-mail users check their spam folders frequently. When it comes to important messages that end up in the spam folder, this can pose a problem. To combat this, we created a Spam Quarantine Report so that all Smartermail users who do not actively check their webmail spam folder can receive a report of all e-mails in their spam folder. This Smartermail plugin can be downloaded below and is available in both PHP and .NET.

Download .NET Version

Download .NET Source code

Download PHP Version

Download .NET Version 1.5 (beta)

Timelogger Basic

Want to know how much time is actively spent on projects? Timelogger is a .NET program that can track this information for you. Use the professional version to support syncing.

Download TimeLogger Basic